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Digital Forensics

As the use of computers and digital devices has exploded, along with the growing pervasiveness of network intrusion and malware type incidents, NR3C Computer Forensics Unit grows to address the ever-changing investigative challenges of a digital world. These devices have greatly increased the volume of data that NR3C special agents must examine during the course of an investigation. In addition, NR3C investigators must now manage digital evidence that is highly volatile, mobile and subject to encryption. This makes recovery and stewardship of evidence challenging.

NR3C computer forensics agents/analysts (CFAs) are trained to perform forensic examinations of seized digital storage devices and media, such as: computer hard drives, flash drives, PDAs, mobile phones, DVDs, CDs, tablets and tape media. CFAs use all available digital evidence recovery techniques to preserve an item’s authenticity and integrity while maintaining a strict chain of custody.

CFAs are located in NR3C offices throughout the world to provide case agents with expertise on investigative strategies and to assist with the targeting digital evidence. They are also called upon to furnish expert computer forensic testimony in criminal trials, and to provide support to state and local law enforcement.

The NR3C Karachi provide these services as part of its investigations or separately as may be requested by LEAS

Network Forensics

Computer Forensics

Mobile Phone Forensics

Network Scanning and Vulnerability Test

Provide training on cyber security threats and how to mitigate it

  • Security policy development
  • Firensics investigations
  • Technical investigations

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FIA arrest Chinese for ATM skimming, credit card fraud

Two Chinese Nationals, who were arrested over alleged involvement in ATM skimming scandal, have been remanded into Federal Investigation Agency custody for three days.