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  • Your complaint and identity will be kept confidential, and can be used in legal proceedings with the consent of complainant.
  • Anyone Can File Complaint on Behalf of Complainant
(A) Victim/Complainant Information
Nameyour full name
CNIC Number in this format 32203-6464860-5
Phone Number
(B) Anyone Can File Complaint on Behalf of Complainant
If not, please provide us with your contact information:
Complainant Name
Relation with victim or complainant
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CNIC Number
(C) Crime Details
Please complete each section related to your incident and check all possible options which apply to your complaint. 
Which of the following medium used? (Check all that apply)
If other please specify hereyour full name
Types of crimes you have faced (Check all that apply)
Financial transactions If any
Status of crime
Which of the following were used in this incident? (Check all that apply.)
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(D) Suspect Information
Suspect Name
Phone Number
(E) Description of Incident
Provide a description of the incident and how you were victimized. Provide information not included elsewhere in this complaint form.
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Federal Investigation Agency cyber crime circle Sindh may require copies of pertinent documents or other evidence regarding your complaint.

Originals can be retained for use by law enforcement agencies.

(F) Other Important Information
If an email was used in this incident, please provide a copy of the entire email including full email headers.
more details
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Are there any other witnesses or victims to this incident?
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If you have reported this incident to other law enforcement or government agencies, please provide details.
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(G) Digital Signature
Digital Signatureyour full name
(H) Attach Your Documents

* If you have any document, Image or video files related to your complaint please upload one by one.


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FIA arrest Chinese for ATM skimming, credit card fraud

Two Chinese Nationals, who were arrested over alleged involvement in ATM skimming scandal, have been remanded into Federal Investigation Agency custody for three days.